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Heck yeah! And it was good, too. Well, first I am so excited to tell you about the feast I made for my guests last night. Because it might have been my proudest moment in cooking to date, and yet I didn’t cook anything! Here’s a sneak preview:

Thank you Kath! Recipe: http://www.katheats.com.

The star of the show… raw lasagna!

Recipe from Pure Food and Wine

So. Good. My meat-eating guests were thrilled with this entirely uncooked, entirely vegan dish. It was filling too! No one was left hungry, yet everyone somehow found room for dessert. To add to the coconut-based ice cream I’d bought, I had made a mint-flavored chocolate syrup – reasonably un-horrible for you, just a little maple syrup in there. Which leads me to this morning…

When you have perfectly healthy pecan cookies that you made yourself and know full-well they are filled with nutritious goodness, it doesn’t matter how good they taste, it IS possible they are healthy. If you top them off with plain organic raw yogurt? Delicious! Now, if you happen to have leftover homemade mint chocolate syrup in the fridge that needs to be used up before you leave town for Thanksgiving… what are you to do? Of course, you have to eat it for breakfast. (It could be argued the leftover salad and lasagna needed to be used up but I was saving them for lunch.) Chocolate is good for you! It truly is. Provided you haven’t added a bunch of horrible things to it (which is why most store-bought chocolate items, and many homemade ones, are NOT healthy) it has a well-deserved place in a healthy diet.

That said, there is a down-side to this ridiculously good news. I finished my breakfast with a huge smile on my face, oh yes, but the rest of the day I have had an insatiable sweet tooth. What you eat for breakfast really does set you up for the rest of the day. This is why I’m all about adding vegetables whenever possible, lightening up on all the starchy breakfast goodness and varying what I eat each morning. Fortunately, there are perfectly good ways to escape a sweet tooth without overindulging. After lunch I fought the candy-holic monster inside me and pulled out some peppermint tea and that was that. In fact, the one I had on hand smelled like dessert, it was really satisfying actually! Try it out next time you crave a minty sweet.

One final note… Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Don’t forget to take a moment to be thankful for everyone in your life that makes it fantastic and for your good health. And try not to go overboard on the feasting, but please, don’t be stressed out or fanatic about how many calories or how much sugar or fat cross your lips. The day is meant for relaxing and appreciating your family and friends. Stress does more harm than a little bit of pumpkin pie. xx

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