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Sometimes it seems impossible to work out. You know how good it will feel afterwards but you just can’t get yourself to do it. Maybe you need a break! Had plenty rest days already? Well then maybe one of these motivation tips will help you:

1. Set detailed goals. Write out ahead of time a list of daily and weekly goals.

2. Tell yourself you just have to go to the gym and get on a machine for five minutes. Or fifteen. Or whatever it may be. Chances are you will not quit before doing more than that. Maybe get on the treadmill and start out just walking. Or start with sit-ups.
3. Plan your visit to the gym around your favorite TV shows.You can watch TV while you work out and the time will go by so much faster. Make sure it’s not too funny, you don’t want to fall off the treadmill. Watch Biggest Loser – if they can work out ‘til they puke, you can at least work out!
4. Try something new! Try a class you’ve never tried before! Do an activity that you don’t usually do. Maybe try a new workout DVD at home.
5. Make a great iPod song list. Change it often so you are always excited to listen to it. Right now I love listening to P!nk, Madonna’s Hard Candy album, and anything JT or MJ gets me revved up!
6. Train for something. Sign up for a 10K or marathon or triathlon!
7. Be accountable to someone. Work out with a friend – tell each other about your daily workouts or schedule workout dates together. At those tough times it is really nice to have someone you can call that will motivate you, even if they are not a workout buddy. You can also publicly log your exercise at places like www.strands.com. You can follow other runners and they can follow you – how lame will it be if people are following you and you never do any workouts! Hey, you can even make a bet! Set the stakes, sign up for www.stickk.comand make it official!
8. Give yourself a reward afterwards. Give yourself motivation by telling yourself you can get a massage if you work out. And think how much better that massage will feel! But do make it a non-food reward.
9. Sometimes you just need to have that food splurge. Fine. Once in a while, and if it gets you moving, maybe it’s worth it to tell yourself if you get out there and work your butt off, you can have that treat. Hey, if it gets you in the routine of working out… Just make sure it’s REAL FOOD.
10.Think how much energy you will have! I know it sounds corny, but visualize yourself after the workout. You know how good it feels. You know how much energy you always have afterwards. Talk about a reward!
11.Look at magazines for motivation. OK so the pictures may not be realistic, attainable goals of real people, but they do motivate you!
12.Write about it! Lots of people are blogging these days. It turns the exercise in to a fun project. You get to share it with all sorts of people and even get feedback if you want it. Also you can look back and see what you’ve done!
13.Look at what someone else has written. Check out another bloggers’ web site and get inspired! When you see all the workouts they are doing and see the photos of how great they feel and how much energy they have, you will want to do it too!
14.Feel like you don’t see your family enough as it is?Involve your kids – exercise with them!
15.Just do it! It may be difficult to motivate at first but it WILL get easier. The first week or so you may have to just suck it up and get out there. Ignore your inner excuse-maker!

See how far you’ve gone!

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